Monitoring Services

Maintainingutmost uptime of Servers and Network is becoming one of the key factors in the success of any business. We all know DATA drives your business systems and processes. To solve problem and maximize availability & performance of your business systems you must have access to broad details on the daily operations of your IT Infrastructure. We empower you with this information and knowledge by monitoring, collecting and disseminating data on availability and performance from your disparate sources and assets across your IT infrastructure from end to end. Our monitoring system monitors the Event Logs of the server and identifies any events which could cause system failure. We make sure all the devices that are connected in the Network is also monitored and tracked for errors. Our technicians will make sure they do such monitoring activity proactively.
Our Tools uses technology like WMI, SNMP and UTM (Unified Threat Management) which helps in monitoring the network 24x7 using API's of Microsoft to collect alerts and send it to us via secure connection.

What We Offer :
  • Proactive server and network monitoring to avoid issues to get converted to major problems
  • Regular updates of server status and any unusual behavior in network
  • Keep a close eye on behavior of your managed servers and mechanize the job as soon as issue arise
  • Employ even processing and filtering techniques to hunt vital issues for server and network
  • Execute techniques to ensure Network security against internal and external threats

How Our Monitoring System Will Benefit :

  • Actively monitors the health of your servers and network equipments
  • Increase maximum uptime by identifying errors before even it occurs
  • Informs about malicious activities, security threats, occurring of an error or connection failure
  • Keep track of your server performance and network performance
  • Monitoring tool helps to control the asset and helps you to prove to the authorities exactly what IT assets you have and the value


Server Monitoring is very essential for business, no matter if it’s a regular server or Huge Data Center Servers. Server monitoring serves as one of the most critical components of Server supervision. To ensure system's error free productivity, it’s very important to constantly monitor the status of all the Servers.

Our 24x7 centralized Server Monitoring Services provide you with the following benefits :
  • - Evaluate and Monitor the server’s hardware components
  • - Guaranteed server uptime and improved reliability and stability
  • - Full Summary of server and Network Performance
  • - Virtualization capabilities that extensively adds to the overall efficiency of your IT environment


Network and Servers are the backbone of any business. Our Network monitoring services make sure your network works efficiently and your business runs smoothly. Our network monitoring services enhances stability and connectivity to prevent any failure or server downtime. Our certified technicians perform a precise 24x7 network monitoring to identify the possible system bottlenecks before they actually lead to any network problems.

Our Expert and skilled professionals informs you whenever :
  • Your Server Goes Down
  • A Network Problem is detected
  • Suspicious activities found in server or network / Security threat or Virus Attacks
  • A user alters their configuration without any update


With Event Logs, our windows experts identify and diagnose the source of current system errors and potential resource bottlenecks to secure your network from internal threat or security breach.

Event Log Monitoring helps you monitor critical logs across servers and desktops in your network. It can detect events related to :
  • System Crash with an Error Code
  • Logon Issues
  • Account Lockouts
  • Security Log Tampering
  • Server Replication Errors
  • Service Failure Alerts
  • Failed Attempts to access secure files


IT infrastructure is very crucial to your business. Business cannot afford IT Infrastructure outages, as a result successful Infrastructure monitoring system is crucial to respond quickly. As we all know server executes large number of services, an effective and dependable monitoring system is extremely beneficial to ensure maximum uptime.This is a complete monitoring suit which includes - Server Monitoring Network Monitoring Event Log monitoring and Much more....

AarBin technology will assist you in saving your time, effort and money, but also enhance the performance of your IT Infrastructure with Effective and Informative Monitoring Services.